How to add value to a traditional West End home


Our client approached us with a vision to create a seamless house extension to provide much needed additional spaces that complimented the existing architecture whilst creating a WOW factor! In addition, they wanted to connect the existing large garden with the dwelling to realise the full potential of indoor/ outdoor living. The new extensions and internal alterations has shown what creative thinking and a high level of precision can achieve…


  • Client:

  • Mr + Mrs McLeod

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  • Location:

  • Aberdeen



  • 3D Visualisation
  • Architecture
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A stunning property in the suburbs of Aberdeen designed to enhance the existing architecture and with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible -whatever the weather! At the rear we have remodelled a modern family space with fantastic access to the garden. The light filled glass vestibule then allows a transparent connection between the new and existing architecture allowing the ability to capture beautiful views through to the rear garden.

It was clear from the start Richard listened and understood the concept we had nurtured for many years. We had outgrown our family home and now needed a better fit for us and the way we live our lives now. Mark went on to develop this with us and his creative design resulted in our wonderful new living space.

Mark kept us true to the initial design particularly when supplier's presented obstacles that, to us, appeared insurmountable. His support throughout the project ensured we didn't waiver from our vision.

When the project went down a path none of us were expecting Richard and his whole team took the reigns and guided us back on track with as little disruption as was possible.

This was a long project and Tinto Architecture proved to be the perfect partner, we are delighted with the final results, thank you!

Mr and Mrs McLeod, April 2018