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CALA Homes Office Fitout


As an existing client we were delighted when selected to provide design support for CALA's increased growth in 2014. Tinto developed initial space plans with the team at CALA and set about creating dedicated meeting spaces, reception and staff breakout areas to support their ongoing recruitment drive. The new office was a benchmark for the emergence of the rebranded CALA Homes (North) Ltd and it was crucial to carry the quality they provide in their new homes through to the design, ultimately creating a subtle balance between residential comfort and commercial function.

CALA Homes Office Fitout

  • Client:

  • CALA Homes (North) Limited

  • Services:

  • Interior Design

  • Location:

  • Aberdeen

CALA Homes Office Fitout


  • Existing building survey, including services
  • Legislative approvals (building warrant, planning permission and signage application)
  • Space planning
  • Brand integration

CALA Homes Office Fitout


Staying true to the quality CALA's clients expect, Tinto created a balance in the design that reflects the product that CALA have built their reputation on whilst offering a workspace to both accommodate their growth and provide the team with a working environment to excel in. Tinto are proud to have delivered a product inline with the clients expectations and budget.

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