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21 Crimes

Aberdeen's very first secret bar has been created! Situated in the basement of Vovem on Union Street, 21 Crimes is a beautiful bespoke bar where it is entry only by the secret passcode (keep an eye on their social media channels)! The bar is named after the number of offences that would result in deportation to Australia in the 1920s.

21 Crimes

  • Client:

  • PB Devco

  • Services:

  • Architecture and Interior Design

  • Location:

  • Union Street, Aberdeen

21 Crimes


Interior Design

Architectural Services

Project Management

21 Crimes


A stunning bespoke bar set in the basement of the steakhouse restaurant, Vovem. When you enter 21 Crimes it makes you feel like you could be in a top class bar in London! The mysterious elegant vintage style that is used throughout the bar makes for a very relaxed atmosphere. The 3 separate booth areas with their own volume control adds a quirky touch!

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